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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 11 - A picture of a cherished memory

Looks who is back! I'm in the house like furniture! For now... until I forget to keep doing this, or stop...

I've been mad busy. That's the reality of life, which explains the sporadic nature of my posts. This one will be short.

Day 11 - A picture of a cherished memory

It's by miracle on ice that this picture still even exists. In this photograph, (wait grampa, what's a photograph? Well, a photograph is when you are really hungry and don't want to spoil your dinner so you eat a light snack. Really? No. It's a desert from Germany... anyway) are a good amount of some of my closest friends from when I was 15 and they are all still great friends of mine. This picture was taken on Nantucket during the summer.

The back-story is that I used to work as a caddy on Nantucket during the summers for some old WASPS, and one summer and these characters came to visit me. Although I warned them that they should seek a hotel and somewhere to sleep, they showed up with a tent and planned on just sleeping in there, which would have been just fine, but the night they came over from the boat, instead of setting up their tent, we got really drunk and it was too dark to actually make that happen. They ended up sleeping on the ground, in puddles, using the tent as a blanket.

It was high school and we were all tight and we are fairly still close. It was great that these guys came out with little to no plans, weathering the weather, and still having a great time. It remains one of my favorite times in my life because we were just so confidently against the grain and still can all relate that way. The best part of looking back at a great memory with fondness as such is that we are those people, then and now and eventually. I'd go back to do it over again if I couldn't tomorrow. Thanks guys.

How's that for a cherished memory?
Did I touch you all over? and over again?

Till the light closes in,

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 10 - Somewhere you’d like to move or visit.

It's two days after christmas. Let the "after the holiday" depression set in. Nope. You still have New Year's Eve and day to look forward to. I bet you read that and thought "oh, you know what? you're right. I do feel less happy after the holidays" and felt a little blue, but then I reminded you that there was New Year's to look forward to. And now you are excited. Very excited. Maybe you'll kiss someone on the mouth while the ball drops and you'll feel extra tingly or whatever. Oh, shut up. The idea of that made you feel good.

Okay, I went from doing this every day to a few times per week to whenever I feel like it. So much for a 30 day challenge of writing. I've been writing other things, so I've been busy. Okay, on with it.

Day 10 - Somewhere you’d like to move or visit.

I've got a whole list of places that I'd like to visit, for specific reasons. I can't really imagine moving anywhere, it seems to permanent. I might have to learn a language or change my whole life just to exist somewhere that is different from here. It seems like a lot of work for the same place with a different view. That's why you visit and don't move. Okay, sit back and read my shitty opinions.

1. Belgium - Seems a bit under the radar, You probably won't be bumping into tourists left and right, you never hear anything bad about the people there. They are not cutting off heads and rolling them down stairs. It seems very quaint. Apparently, they make great chocolate, are known for waffles which are delicious, and make their own style of beer which I enjoy consuming. I feel like I could make myself feel quite at home there. Seems like utopia. Everyone probably wakes up and overloads and indulges in the big three that I just mentioned, go to work, nap, indulge again and call it a day. That's perfect. I've never been there but I feel it in the sole of my shoes that I could probably move there, despite the language and culture barrier.

2. Spain - I took some Spanish in high school and college. It would be fun to put it to the test. The ladies over there seem pretty. The sun shines there too. I've heard that they have some nice beaches and even though I sunburn like a piece of bread in a toaster, I give them a shot. I wouldn't go to a bull fighting match, but I would like to see the running on the bulls, which is a bunch of morons trying to outrun a stampede of bulls. You know a bunch of people are getting banged up and I would enjoy watching that happen.

3. Ireland - It seems like a whole mess of people live there. They have these people called pikes or pikies that are a lot like gypsies. I've seen on youtube that they fight a lot and make videos calling each other out. They are also door to door salesmen of whatever bootleg items they probably stole or bartered. It could be a strange thing to witness. But aside from that, I'd love to golf there in the greenest of green places.

4. Amsterdam - If I'm 40 and I have nothing going on in my life, I'm going there and just getting crazy.

5. Peru/South America in general - I want to see Machu Pichu real bad. It should be on the top of the list actually, but I am too afraid as a young white person to go to south america. I think they would get the idea that I might be worth kidnapping, which I'm not, or just humorously worth killing. People seem to go to those places and just turn up missing. I'm not really into disappearing yet.

Aside from that France can kiss my ass. Asia is weird, I'd need a guide of some sort. Africa could be fun, but again, I'd need a guide. They rest of Europe seems like a blur and smearing of itself which doesn't seem enticing to visit.

Work off those extra LBS that you gained.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 09 - Put your ipod on shuffle and write 10 songs that pop up.

Forgot about yesterday and I was tired... I don't need to explain anything to you.

Today is Thursday, December 22nd, 2011. Two days left of Christmas shopping. Get out there bitches.

Day 09 - Put your ipod on shuffle and write 10 songs that pop up. I have a lot of stand-up comedy on here, so I'll do 15 tracks. Most of this stuff, I've never listened to and didn't know existed. If I can, I'll attach some sort of memory with it if such a thing exists. I recently took all my friends illegally downloaded music and put it on my computer so I probably don't know any of it yet.

1. Aziz Ansari - "Sheets" from Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening
Aziz brings attention to the fact that companies that make sheets lie about thread count.

2. Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band - "10 Women" from Outer South
Very mellow.

3. Bill Cosby - "The Difference Between Men and Women" from Bill Cosby is a Very Funny Fellow Right!
Bill Cosby is really old. His comedy, even though it dates back to 20 years ago, is still somewhat relevant. This bit especially. He talks about how women go to the bathroom together but men would never do that. True. It's a weird concept of going to the bathroom together.

4. B.B. King - "Hummingbird" from Why I Sing The Blues
Forgot that I had this. A relaxing tune. Anyone Remember when B.B. King was doing Burger King commercials? What a sellout.

5. Eminem - "Drips" from The Eminem Show
I never listened to this album once. The radio songs "Soldier," "Cleanin out my closet," and "Superman" were on this one. I obviously didn't pay for this cd and more than likely will never listen to it. That aside, this track is about boning dirty whores. I wonder what happened to his daughter Hailie. Bet she's a dirty whore.

6. Bo Burham - "I'm Bo Yo" from Bo Burnham
Clever, young comedian that made it big from youtube. Everyone should check out his stand-up special. Entertaining as fck. With lyrics like "I'm offensive and creative like handicapped porn." and "Haters call me gay, but that ain't hatin'.'Cause im not homophobic, my morals are straight, And if I'm in the closet, then you are below me, Taking the B-A-T out of basement, homey" you are sure to laugh.

7. Blink 182 - "Go" from Blink 182
Never listened to this before. I only listened to the Blink 182 cd that was popular when I was in junior high. Blah.

8. New Found Glory - "It Never Snows In Florida" from Nothing Gold Can Stay
Well, again. Junior high. Kind of embarrassed to have this and Blink 182

9. Johnny Cash - "Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies" from Unearthed disk 4?
His cover of NIN's Hurt is really good. His last cd was super depressing knowing he is dieing.

10. Big D and the Kids Table - "Those Kids Suck" from The Gypsy Hill
This is turning into the ghost of Ross's music past. Early high school? What's up?

11. Incubus - "Under My Umbrella" from Morning View
This is somewhat of an album that has many memories attached to it. When I started my crappy high school band my drummer was a giant Incubus fan at the time and I got into them as well. Great album. Reminds me of summer on Nantucket, the band, and going to see them was my first big concert. I went to see them at Umass Amherst and little did I know, I would spend my undergraduate career there. It was a weird coincidence.

12. Chris Rock - "The Government Hates Rap" from Cheese and Crackers
This is a ridiculously funny stand-up set. He is a master of comedy.

13. Smoke or Fire - "Melatonin" from This Sinking Ship
Recently looked them up after the guy from Smoke or Fire was on a split acoustic album from Brendan from The Lawrence Arms. It's decent.

14. Alkaline Trio - "Your Neck" from Crimson
Good band still. One of the few bands that I still listen to from when I was younger.

15. Muse - "Stockholm Syndrome" from Absolution
Great song. Great cd. Discovered them when I went camping with my friends a few years ago. Was a great time.

That concludes ipod on shuffle. I have to go now because I still have to do Christmas shopping.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 8 - Bullet your whole day.

So, basically, if I do this three times a week I'm calling this a success. I am often busy, and more often lazy. That is that.

This one is easy. I've been awake for a while now, so I'll also catalog what I've already done.

Day 8 - Bullet your whole day.

3:30am - Woke up. I went to bed really early yesterday.
4:30 - Had Wheaties
5:00 - Watched a global warming documentary. One of the best I've seen. It's called "Cool It." It shows where our spending on global warming goes and what better ideas are out there to spend the money on.
7:00 - Started writing this
9:00 - Shower
10:00 - Bank
10:30 - Return library book "Four Hour Body." Highly recommend it.
11:00 - Start Christmas shopping
Grab Gift - a $15 item of some sort
Ron - Gift card to Old Navy
Parents - ?
Cousin Nick - ?
2:30pm - Nap
4:30 - Dinner
5:30 - Help mother bake for Christmas
7:30 - Lounge (Maybe blog again)
8:30 - Train
10:00 - Work till 4am? 5? 6? 7?

That's all folks

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 07 - A moment you felt the most satisfied with your life.

Hey dogfaces, its another post from your favorite coffee enthusiast, Jack Dalton.

This 30 day thing was worst best idea someone else ever gave me. Just saying.

Okay, let's go.

Day 07 - A moment you felt the most satisfied with your life.

Well, this one for, I think a lot of people would mention a milestone in their life. Mainly because I think those milestones indicate a step toward the next level of something. A closing of one chapter in their life and starting a new one, which may mean they stopped wearing diapers and switched to pull-ups or something. So, I think I'll mention one of those and something else as well if I can think of something by the time I finish writing my milestone moment.

For my "moment of feeling satisfied with my life" milestone, I would have to say graduating from college. I know it sounds cliche. I hope everyone imagines a bunch of sweater-vest wearing assholes throwing their caps in the air and giving lots of hugs and smiling, but it was only sort of like that. I didn't see too many sweaters cause it was really hot that day, I actually got a draining sunburn. They were some hugs, okay, a lot of hugs and pictures and shit, but there were very, very, few cap throwings. From what I saw, I think I was the only one. I guess everyone wanted to keep their caps and look into their closets everyday and see that cap sitting there and think "the good ole days" and sigh as they got dressed for their real life jobs. But not I. I frisbee'd that thing as hard as I could. Why would I want to hold onto that crap? So, I unfortunately had to take pictures after hatless and sunburnt.

But to be clear, my real feeling of satisfaction came from when I was a few pages left from finishing my final paper. I happened to finish it early and I still was like F this thing. Who cares, right? This is the last hurdle and it going down. So, I got a big glass of whiskey and just typed away thinking this is DONE. I felt like a straighter version of Leonardo Dicaprio on the Titanic when he yells "I'm king of the world!" Only, I facebook'd "I'm going to Africa to get trampled by raging elephants!" It seemed more fitting. One person actually replied, inquiring if I really was going to Africa. And of course I didn't.

My nonmilestone feeling of satisfaction came from buying my first car with my own money. I say this is a nonmilstone moment, because until that point I was already driving one of the family vehicles when I was allowed to, so it didn't feel like when I got my license which would be a milestone. I was a bastard and insisted on buying a car before the summer and I couldn't drive it that summer because I went away to work. This piece of shit was a Pontiac Trans Am, which are only owned by morons who think they are living in the 80's. And when I got back from the summer, I drove this thing for a couple of weeks feeling like a bad ass. I had my jean jacket on and my candy cigarettes, and my transition lens shades (not actually). This was until the car started sounding like a running lawnmower hacking away at a pile of chains. For a few days, I still drove this thing because I was determined to not let the dream of owning a car die. I'm sure someone can relate with that one.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 06- Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality

So, I decided to take the weekend off and it turned into a long weekend. My only excuse was I forgot on Monday and was lazy on Tuesday. Luckily, I don't write anything important on this that people were hanging onto my every last word for. If I was the weatherman, you guys would probably be ripshit by now.

Day 06 - Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality

I have to address this because last year everyone got their shit in a bunch about this. Anyone remember the fake astrological sign that came out of nowhere? It was called Ophiuchus. Not sure if it was a real or fake but it through everyone's sign off by a few days and everyone was in a panic running to their bomb shelters waiting for the apocalypse. Nobody was sure how to behave anymore because a new sign was thrown in the mix telling them who to be. Does anyone really think that zodiac signs really indicate how a person behaves?

It's a whole bunch of nonsense.

I'm a Sagittarius, according to morons that believe in this hocus pocus. I Wiki'd Sagittarius to get some more wisdom on the subject and have come to reiterate my previous thoughts on the subject, which is this is dumb and wasting my time, but let's plow ahead, shall we? Wiki says, "The sign is governed by Jupiter, a planet which is symbolically associated with temperate qualities which loosen, relax and expand." I wish they would EXPAND on that. A planet of gas that is associated with a few vague terms controls the zodiac sign called Sagittarius. Wow, that was insightful. Do go on. "Sagittarians are reputed to be drawn toward travel (I don't travel. I'm afraid of different cultures) and philosophy (don't really enjoy too much 'by the book' Philosophy. I think it's a battle of the the largest vocabulary, really.), and to enjoy social contacts (I hate people), meeting new people (Especially new people) and exploring other cultures (Again, I'm afraid of different cultures). They are said to be highly intelligent (Correct), broad-visioned (Okay), tolerant in their views (mm hmm), mainly concerned with the "big picture" but with little patience for the details (Now, that's more like it)." How could this be soo wrong, yet, so right at the same time? Could it be that everyone varies just a little from their sign? Am I just a bit off? (Well, probably. I am sitting here writing this aren't I?) Or could it be that they say such vague shit that it applies to everyone? I mean, they were only right when they were telling me what I wanted to hear about myself. Doesn't everyone want to hear that they are intelligent, broad-visioned, tolerant in views, and getting the big picture? Yes, it made me feel like a champion. That's what they'll be saying at my retirement, and God forbid I say funeral. But the first stuff are things that I would wish about myself.

So to answer the question, my zodiac sign fits me when it says things I want to agree with. Ugh. I bet I sound like an angry teenager.

Anyway, zodiac signs are for killers.
That should be on a t-shirt.
J. Dalton

Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 05 - A picture of yourself and 20 interesting facts about yourself

The prompts for this 30 day challenge are exactly what they seem, stupid. I mean clearly this is an exercise for myself. There is nothing to really discuss but if you are reading this, you may want to try this one. I think a lot of people have such a hard time thinking about themselves in this way. I think it can be somewhat of a morale booster for all the kids out there. Some tend not to think of themselves as "interesting," but we all have some things. Other people can probably point these out to you, but to think of them yourself tends to be a bit more difficult. It shouldn't be that way considering nobody knows you better than you, right? Well, this writing is more of a list and self serving, so you can tune in tomorrow, or sit through this gossip girl bullshit. and away we go.

Day 05 - A photo of yourself and 20 interesting facts about yourself

1. Has Lymes Disease
2. Drinks coffee black
3. Worked at a McDonalds, Stop & Shop, Video Craze, two golf courses, Pita Pit, a printing shop, Sephora and public school system (possibly more places that can't be remembered)
4. Left-Handed
5. Ate first hamburger at the age of 18
6. Met Bill Bellicheck (spelling), Conan O'Brien (picture to prove it) and Jack Welch
7. Watched every episode of MacGyver and X-Files
8. Can beat Super Mario Brothers 3 without cheating
9. Once bench pressed 195lbs twice
10. Wore Saucony sneakers since age of 16
11. Got hit by a moving cop car
12. Broke nose in 2nd grade
13. Loves pizza
14. Brews beer
15. Never stole anything
16. Cats hate me
17. Took the last polaroid ever
18. Really good at fooseball
19. Never been in a fight
20. Carry a notebook